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Many Rivers Productions | The Confessions of Gordon Brown

Our Assistant Producer is another busy soul! Hannah is also currently working on The Confessions of Gordon Brown, the smash West-End hit of 2013 that has just embarked on its 2014 tour. Confessions recently finished a run at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh in March, and is set to tour throughout England, Scotland and Wales before settling at The Ambassadors Theatre in June.

The Confessions of Gordon Brown hilariously exposes the darkest secrets of being Prime Minister, the stab-in-the-back plottings, the betrayals and most importantly - the hair gel. Love him or loathe him, Gordon Brown was our greatest failure at being Prime Minister in 200 years. In a candid portrait of life inside Downing Street Gordon at last reveals what it takes to knife your way to the top and rule a nation. And how his dream of power all went wrong. Written by acclaimed Scots Emmy-nominated writer and director Kevin Toolis in a manyrivers production.

Hailed as political genius!

Banned by the labour party!

Sold out at the Edinburgh Festival and London's Trafalgar Studios!

Sold out in March at the Traverse Theatre!

As seen on the BBC's Daily Politics Show!

To find out more, read reviews and book tickets, visit: