Love: The Extraordinary Cabaret of Dorian Gray

Set in the last few delirious hours of his life, Dorian Gray watches as his decadent life flashes before him. What he glimpses is a far cry from the opera houses, the salons and the gentlemen’s clubs. Join him as he delves into the darker, murkier underbelly of London: the cabaret clubs and opium dens, where sex and death share the same bed. And where love dare not speak its name. Descend into his world - the real picture of Dorian Gray – beneath his youthful mask: The Extraordinary Cabaret of Dorian Gray.


Adapted from Oscar Wilde’s only novel, tracing the life of one of literature’s most notorious characters, the tale reveals each character’s quest for love: the ultimate sensation!


With original music performed by a cast of actor/musicians and cabaret artists.

Ruby in the Dust Theatre

Dates: 27th October & 4th November 2017, 7.30pm

Tickets: £12 (£10)


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